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Barrister Muhammad Saad Siddiqui

Consulting Partner - Karachi

Barrister Muhammad Saad Siddiqui is an Advocate Supreme Court of Pakistan who possesses vast knowledge of Law and has a proven record of providing indispensable advice to clients and delivering positive outcomes for them.

Barrister Siddiqui is constantly focused on resolving legal issues and always looking for ways to improve and evolve processes. Barrister Siddiqui completed his LLB from the University of London (International Programmes) in 2007 and subsequently did MA in International Relations on 2008 and later went on to do the Bar at Law from University of the West of England Bristol in 2010 and is a member of the Honourable Society of Lincolns Inn since then. After completing his LLB Barrister Siddiqui joined Abid S. Zuberi & Associates in 2007 as an associate right after his graduation while continuing his studies as well.

In 2022 Barrister Siddiqui parted ways with Abid S. Zuberi and co. as a Partner in order to pursue his career as the Head of Chambers. In April 2022 Barrister Siddiqui set up a firm by the name and style of Nazim H. Siddiqui & Co. as a tribute to his late Father Justice Nazim Hussain Siddiqui (Former Chief Justice of Pakistan).

Along with heading his own chambers, Barrister Siddiqui is also an Affiliate Partner of Alam & Alam since 2018.

He regularly appears before different legal forums. Barrister Siddiqui specializes in Criminal and Civil Litigation, Family Law, Constitutional Petitions, Service Laws, Labor laws, Clinical negligence, Banking Laws, Media laws, Construction laws, Dispute Resolution, Employment laws, Property laws etc. Barrister Siddiqui has a number of reported judgments under his name in numerous law reports.

Barrister Muhammad Saad Siddiqui
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