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Barrister Kashif Rafique Rajwana

Consulting Partner - Lahore

Barrister Malik Kashif Rafique Rajwana is an esteemed advocate practicing at the High Court level with a remarkable proficiency in civil, corporate, and commercial law since 2009. With an LL.M. in International Trade Law and another LL.M. in International Banking & Finance, he possesses a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies surrounding these specialized legal domains.

Throughout his career, Barrister Rajwana has established himself as a reliable and accomplished legal professional. His expertise lies in navigating complex legal landscapes and providing sound counsel to individuals, corporations, and institutions seeking guidance in matters related to civil, corporate, and commercial law. With an in-depth knowledge of international trade regulations and banking practices, 

Barrister Rajwana has successfully represented clients in a wide range of legal proceedings. His meticulous approach to case analysis, coupled with his ability to devise effective legal strategies, has earned him a reputation for achieving favorable outcomes for his clients.

Barrister Malik Kashif Rafique Rajwana's commitment to excellence, combined with his extensive legal education and expertise, positions him as a trusted advocate for those seeking high-quality legal representation in civil, corporate, and commercial matters.

Barrister Kashif Rafique Rajwana
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