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Employment and Labour Law

Employment law, also known as Labour law, is a branch of law that deals with the legal rights and responsibilities of employees and employers in the workplace. It covers various aspects of the employment relationship, such as hiring, wages, working hours, workplace safety, discrimination, termination, and employee rights.

In simpler terms, employment law governs the rules and regulations that protect workers' rights and ensure fair treatment in the workplace. It establishes the legal framework for employer-employee interactions and helps prevent workplace discrimination and exploitation. Employment law is essential in promoting a balanced and productive work environment and ensuring that both employees and employers adhere to the established legal standards.

In Pakistan, there exists a wide legislative framework that deals with this area of law, however some of the primary legislations that govern the Employment Laws or Labour Laws are Industrial Relations Act 2012, Industrial & Commercial Employment (Standing Orders) Ordinance 1968, Factories Act 1934, Employees Old Age Benefit Act 1976, Minimum Wages Ordinance 1961, and Payment of Wages Act 1936 etc.

We at Alam & Alam understand and practice within this area of law and our team is fully equipped to safeguard our Clients’ rights in such matters.

Employment and Labour Law
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